Building Information Modelling is rapidly coming of age as a tool for the integrated 3D design and modelling of buildings and structures. At William Saunders we offer our clients the distinct advantage of being able to utilise this technology across a multi-disciplinary platform of architectural and engineering design services.

We have chosen the world-leading Revit software as our BIM platform. Through the use of Revit modelling we integrate buildings and structure from the very early stages of a project. This has real advantages at every stage of the process as we can model the early sketch designs and demonstrate them to clients in 3D on the desktop at their home or office, walking them through the building and changing elements as we talk about them.

We can move a door here, add a window there, all in real time, so that an immediate impression can be gained of the effects of design alternatives. Once the design begins to develop we can ensure that all elements of the structure come together without clashes.

The 3D models we generate are ‘intelligent’ in that they contain as many layers of detail and information as the project demands. From the model we can produce realistic 3D views or schedules of doors and windows. Design teams work together more collaboratively and fluidly when sharing a BIM project model. BIM is changing the way we design and the way in which we do business.

We would be happy to demonstrate what we can offer on your next project.

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