Fort Burgoyne – Dover

Fort Burgoyne was built in the 1860s and is a Scheduled Ancient Monument occupying a 10 hectare site.

Situated just to the north of Dover Castle, it is built on a polygonal model with casemated barracks and caponiers overlooking substantial outworks and two flanking wing batteries.

It was constructed in response to the Royal Commission into the Defence of the United Kingdom to provide protection to Dover Castle, which was recognised as being vulnerable to overland attack. As a consequence, its guns faced inland, rather than out to sea.

Later modifications were undertaken for both the First and Second World Wars to ensure that the site could respond to new aerial threat to the country.

William Saunders were appointed to undertake a condition survey of the entire site, including all internal and external features. A two person team undertook the works to ensure reporting consistency. For the internal below ground surveying works the team were accompanied and supervised by a bat licensed ecologist due to the Fort being used as a bat hibernation roost. The survey methodology was carefully tailored to ensure no disturbance to the bats.

Following on from the survey works, a threat list was prepared and a broad outline specification developed for budget costing purposes. Works are currently ongoing to conserve and consolidate the fort for future generations.

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