Shortwood Business Park Barnsley

William Saunders became involved at Shortwood Business Park when the remediated former brickworks site was undeveloped and without any infrastructure.

William Saunders was appointed as Employers Agents on this £3.6m phase 1 scheme which included bringing services into the site from up to a mile away in Hoyland, installing a length of adoptable estate road and modelling an attenuated drainage system suitable to serve the entire potential 5 phases of development.

Also included in the phase 1 development was the construction of 55,000sq.ft of high quality industrial development that was speculatively built to encourage employment into the area.

A particular challenge on this site was the undulating sub-strata of this previously open cast site and the presence of varying depths of fill ranging from 1m to in excess of 20m in places. These varied ground conditions required a period of surcharging to allow the ground to settle prior to construction and ensure limited differential settlement once units were constructed.

William Saunders also project managed the subsequent 63,000sq.ft phase 2 development as well as administering a contract to infill a large, existing pond in the centre of the site.

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