Waterbeach Accommodation

This project involved the refurbishment of 2 existing pavilion style 1990s barracks buildings on the former Waterbeach Barracks and Airfield site. This created 27 residential dwellings comprising 235 bedrooms in total for staff of Papworth Hospital NHS Trust.​

The repeated units and symmetrical form plans were generally based around 4 bed dormitory style clusters or separate bedrooms with shared washing and kitchen facilities. William Saunders refurbishment strategy focused on 3 different bedroom groupings including 4no. bedroom groups, 3no. bedroom groups and 2no. en suite bedroom groups. These groups are then supported by communal spaces on each floor with shared kitchen, dining room, living space, washroom and laundry.​

As part of the design process we carried out a thorough conditions survey of each building and collated findings into a comprehensive schedule of repairs to be incorporated into the proposed refurbishment works.​

To improve the comfort and thermal performance of the flats we upgraded the windows and roof insulation and improved the acoustic separation between spaces.​

The scheme was developed in phases to enable Papworth to occupy sets of flats as they were completed. The construction progressed efficiently and considerately with no delays, damages or complaints.​

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